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Puglia to allocate almost 18 million euros for sports facilities in 180 municipalities

The maximum contribution per project is 100 thousand euros

  • August 17, 2020 21:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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The President of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano, has signed preliminary agreements with the representatives of 180 Italian municipalities that make up the final selection announced in the public notice for the enhancement of the sports facilities heritage of the municipal administrations, for 2019, informs Il Giornale dei Comuni. The resources that the Puglia Region gives for this purpose amount to 17,775,242.81 euros.

Interventions to enhance the sports facilities heritage in the six provinces of Puglia

Puglia Region has invested 40 million euros for sports facilities over the last 5 years. With the new 18 million in funding, 180 municipalities in Puglia will be able to strengthen, maintain and improve this kind of installations.

In recent years, Puglia has given a central role to sports. Expectations are that the new facilities will serve not only professional teams but also to develop cultural activities for the entire community.

Investing in the potential of the network of public and private sports facilities also has a positive impact on the health and attractiveness of the communities. In addition to the nearly 18 million-euros grant, there will be loans to 100 municipalities for 8 million euros and another 10 million euros to private sports facilities.

Regarding the territorial distribution of resources, 20 municipalities are beneficiaries in the Province of Bari, 15 in Brindisi, 5 in the Bat, 42 in Foggia, 78 in Lecce and, finally, 18 in the Province of Taranto. The maximum contribution per project is 100 000 euros.   

The loan can cover the costs of building a sports facility or an equipped sports area, or expand and improve on the offer of activities or services. It is possible to redevelop a sports facility or an existing equipped sports area for the functional recovery of people with disabilities by undergoing an adaptation to safety and sanitation standards.

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