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Re-open EU will help you plan your trip this summer

The European Union launched a multi-lingual platform to facilitate access to latest travel and tourism information

  • June 15, 2020 21:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium reopeneu
Source: European Commission

The European Commission launched an internet portal providing the latest travel and tourism-related data for all member states. Accessible in 24 languages, Re-Open EU aims to facilitate the restart of tourism in Europe by providing reliable and up-to-date information on border restrictions, transport alternatives and tourist services across member-states.

Planning your European vacation after the lockdowns

Which country has opened its borders, where can I travel to and from, without being subject to mandatory quarantine? Which countries are already safe for tourism? Millions of Europeans are looking for the answers to these questions and the latest verified information. Until yesterday, however, there has not been a reliable, up-to-date and interactive tool to find it.

As of Monday 15 June, the European Commission has launched Re-Open.EU, which aims to resolve this problem. The platform contains practical information provided by Member States on travel restrictions, public health and safety measures (such as keeping distance between people and wearing protective masks), as well as other useful information on tourist offers.

Thus, when planning their holidays and trips in the summer and beyond, Europeans will be well informed and equipped to make responsible decisions in view of the continuing risks associated with the new coronavirus.

How to find EU travel and tourist information

Re-Open EU works in a very simple manner – one only needs to select a language and a destination from a drop-down menu. Then, the available information is ordered in separate tabs, for Travel, Services and Health and Safety. Links to the websites of the respective national tourist, travel and health authorities are also available in a separate tab.

The platform also offers information on patronage voucher schemes: through them, users can support their favourite hotels or restaurants by buying vouchers for stay or consumption to use in the future when they reopen their doors. This way, citizens have the chance to contribute to the recovery of the sector when restrictions are lifted and borders are reopened.

The Re-Open EU platform is part of the package of measures in the field of tourism and transport announced by the EC on 13 May 2020, which aims to restore the confidence of travellers in the continent's tourism sector and help its safe relaunch in the EU while simultaneously respecting the necessary health precautions.

Last week the EU executive body presented its recommendations for the partial phasing out of restrictions on travel to the EU after 30 June and called on the Member States to remove restrictions on free movement and to suspend internal border controls starting 15 June.

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