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Record numbers of visitors to Finnish museums

Even the smallest museums have been seeing a drastic increase in visitors

  • March 02, 2020 19:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
Medium kiasma museum of contemporary art
Source: M00ster / CC BY 3.0

The Finnish National Board of Antiquities – a government entity responsible for taking care of cultural sites across the country, has released a report that museums in Finland have seen a drastic increase in visitors over the course of 2019.

An increase all across the board

The National Board of Antiquities estimated that Finnish museums have been visited a total of 7.6 million times last year alone. That is an increase of some 500,000 visits compared to 2018 figures and a 2 million increase compared to 2015 levels when the Board first started monitoring museum attendance.

The Board is also eager to report that regular paid visits to the country’s museums have also substantially increased, alongside the visits to the various organised exhibitions and events hosted by the venues to which entry is free of charge.

The most popular museums in 2019, according to the National Board of Antiquities’ preliminary data are as follows:

  • Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma with 378,509 museum visits
  • Helsinki City Museum with 368,261 museum visits
  • Ateneum Museum of Art with 361,182 museum visits
  • Amos Rex with 315,235 museum visits
  • National Museum with 188,477 museum visits

The director of last year’s most popular museum – The Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Leevi Haapala, stated that the venue’s success is thanks to top-end software development and various exhibitions that have proven a hit among locals and visitors.

Furthermore, he stated that the Museum’s active PR strategy has truly paid off, helping citizens recognize its brand and turning it into a sought-after venue. Not only that but when considering the museum’s theme for 2019, staff chose wholesome topics that will shape its exhibitions -like good life, nature and hospitality.

The full data set on museum visits across Finland will be released by the National Board of Antiquities sometime over the summer.

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