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Residents and visitors of Burgas can charging their phones on Smart Street

The technological innovations are in the spirit of the concept of Smart City Development

  • July 23, 2018 12:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: Burgas Municipality

The “Aleko Bogoridi” pedestrian street in Burgas already has a brand new look. Replacement of floorings, comfortable park furniture, greenery, underground waste containers, art plastics and mosaics - are the visible result after the renovation. In the spirit of the concept of Smart Development of Burgas are introduced the following technological innovations:         

  • WiFI broadcasting system and free Internet access managed by a local server covering the whole street.      
  • When you are in the free WiFi area, you can download and use the new mobile application VR - Burgas, an impressive virtual walk along sign sites in the historic center of the city, which will be enriched.     
  • Some lighting pillars on the street have a special architectural design - in the middle there is a table. Through it, you can freely load portable mobile devices (phones, tablets, cameras, etc.) with a USB cable, as well as individual electric bicycle or wheelchairs with electric drive. Charger "tables" allow simultaneous fast charging of up to 6 portable mobile devices.         

Source: Kmeta.bg

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