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Reuse project raises 0.5 million for planting flowers in Brno

By donating unused items, citizens contribute to refreshing the greenery in the Czech city

  • September 13, 2019 14:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: sako.cz

A city-wide reuse project in Brno has raised CZK 515,000 for improved greenery. As the municipal authorities of the Czech city announced earlier this week, the results of the first three years of ReUse project have been quite positive. Operating since 2016, the Vienna-inspired initiative has helped raise half a million in local currency for planting of flowers.

It works very simply. Citizens can deliver unnecessary items to six waste collection centres free of charge. The items are then sold for a symbolic price to those who need them. Proceeds from the sale go to a public collection called “Flowers for Brno”, which supports the planting and maintenance of flower beds in the city. You can safely get rid of old furniture, household equipment, decorations, toys, sports equipment, magazines, etc.

In other words, ReUse helps extend the life cycle of things that would otherwise end up in the garbage bins. The project is not only unique in contributing to environmental protection, but also in helping other Brno families equip their households for less.

Thanks to their earnings, for the past three years the employees of the Brno Public Greenery created, for example, flower beds in Poříčí, Rostislav Square or Dobrovský. Re-use complements the waste management system in Brno. There are 37 centres in Brno and the re-use project works on 6 of them.

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