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Rewards for the most entrepreneurial European regions and cities

If your region or city is a good example of entrepreneurship, apply for the EER rewards

  • December 17, 2018 09:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: European Committee of the Regions

The European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) reflects a partnership between the European Commission and the UEAPME, Eurochambres, Social Economy Europe and concerned stakeholders at EU level, which aims to reward the most distinguished regions in terms of entrepreneurial policy strategy. Each year the winners are granted the label of EER, despite their size, wealth and competences.

A call has been open for the 2020 rewards, which is accepts applications until 27 March 2019. The winners for 2019 are three regions: Principality of Asturias (Spain), Province Gelderland (the Netherlands) and Region of Thessaly (Greece).

However restrictive the call looks, the eligibility criteria are more open: invited to apply are territories, including communities and cities within the Union, especially cross-border regions, as long as they have legal personality and political competences. Other criteria are the ability to implement an overall entrepreneurial vision and experience in demonstrating good results and commitment to the implementation of changes, if required.

As part of the application process, applicants are to prepare a fact sheet on their territory, an outline of the political vision, as well as to draft a summary of a governance mechanism, which will ensure the implementation of EER actions, among other requirements. The award for 2020 is decided by a competent jury.


For full application package and guidelines, visit the Committee of the Regions webpage

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