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Riga introducing new taxi regulations at the Riga International Airport

Higher environmental standards and clear tariff displays will soon be the norm in Latvia’s capital

  • September 02, 2019 17:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Riga International Airport has been recording a drop in quality and an increase in potential security risks after a 2017 decision to ease up taxi access to the area. To remedy the situation, the local government, supported by the Ministry of Transport have developed new regulation which will come into force in September.

The regulations cover a wide range of issues, including higher environmental standards for the vehicles, a mandatory clear display of tariffs at the front windows as well as a requirement for taxi drivers to report their activities to the State Revenue Service. Some of the new requirements will start applying in the following months. Vehicles will be tested starting 1 January 2020, while the mandatory cooperation with the State Revenue Service will be required starting 1 July 2021.

Future issuing and revocation of taxi licenses will be made on the basis of compliance to these measures – for example, a taxi license might not be issued to someone who has not registered their taxi meter at the State Revenue Service.

The ultimate goal of the new regulations is not only to improve the quality of the taxi service at the Riga International Airport but to improve the situation in the city as a whole in the future.

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