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Rome, Brussels, Luxembourg and Göteborg join forces against sexual and gender-based violence on unaccompanied foreign minors

The four European cities take part in "EqualCity" project

  • February 28, 2020 11:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium migrants

Today, 28 February, the European project "EqualCity" against sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) on unaccompanied foreign minors will be presented in the Italian capital, informed the Municipality of Rome.

Participants and their tasks 

The following cities of the European Union, together with four partner organizations and with the support of a group of experts, must develop SGBV issues in four different aspects:

  1. Région de Bruxelles-Capitale and RainbowHouse Bruxelles: creation and management of safe spaces for the protection and hospitality of migrants of all kinds and orientations.
  2. Luxembourg City and Femmes en Détresse: offer of assistance to migrant women victims of SGBV.
  3. Municipality of Rome alongside ETNA and Sapienza University: unaccompanied foreign minors victims of SGBV, with a focus on the social operators-actors who are in contact with the minors.
  4. City of Gothenburg: parents and families belonging to migrant communities, impact of sexual and gender-based violence on minors.

"EqualCity" intends to improve the offer of services provided by municipalities to victims of sexual and gender-based violence. The ultimate goal is to reach migrant communities and to develop the ability to identify, protect and overcome the trauma of SGBV victims within them.        

The international project addresses all the EU cities and their migrant diasporas, including refugees and applicants for cross border protection, including those who have recently arrived as well as ones who belong to second or third generations. "EqualCity" also aims to strengthen the skills of migrants through improved awareness of SGBV issues and their own rights.

The presentation of the project in Rome follows the project's kick-off meeting which was already held in Brussels on 13 January, in the presence of all the partners. The duration of the project is two years and must end in November 2021. "EqualCity" is funded by the European Commission.    

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