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Rotterdam tests shared electric cars

They are currently circulating on the streets of the Dutch city

  • July 09, 2019 14:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: © Sharengo

On July 4th Rotterdam has launched a trial period for shared electric cars, report from the local authority. The first provider of 'free floating' electric car sharing system will be Share'nGo and for 12 months the number of tested cars will grow from 20 to 150. The new system will allow for the car to be parked for free almost everywhere in the Dutch city without having to be taken back to a station.

The compact and manoeuvrable city cars can be booked using the Share'nGo app with several options:

  • For a monthly fee of 35 euros which allows to drive for 60 minutes every day plus an additional 2 euros per hour after that;
  • rent without a subscription and pay 0.28 euros per minute, a price that decreases the more your ride.

Parking is free in the service area (currently limited to the centre) and only in a public parking lot on the public road. Naturally, only adults with a valid driver's license B are allowed to test the shared vehicles.

The new system could mitigate some of the biggest challenges facing Rotterdam in relation to its growth, expanding economy and climate change which calls for healthier transport solutions. Hence, the municipality gives priority to mobility in order to keep the city pleasant and accessible. Car sharing is seen as an important factor in this change as it allows citizens to use cars more efficiently with regards to the available space and to lowering CO2 emissions.

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