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Routes4U grants for tourism products, services and cards now available

Seven calls for proposals for four European regions are accepting applications

  • July 30, 2019 14:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Calls for proposals that aim to support regional development through cultural routes were opened. The seven calls for proposals are launched in the framework of the Council of Europe-European Union Joint Programme “Routes4U - Fostering regional development through transnational Cultural Routes, heritage policies and practices”. Approved proposals aim to generate an added value to the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe's programme and to the macro-regional strategies in place at the region concerned. The calls are applicable to one of the following regions: Adriatic-Ionian, Alpine, Baltic Sea or Danube Region.

The project should be implemented between 15 October 2019 and 01 March 2020 and the maximum budget available per grant is EUR 10,000.

Who can apply? You can apply, provided that you are a legally constituted body in charge of a network certified as “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” or a priority cultural route project identified within the framework of Routes4U, that crosses  no fewer than three countries part of the concerned macro-region.

The application period closes on 09 September 2019 at 6pm CET. All applications are due online, sent to routes4u@coe.int

Questions or concerns? Stay tuned for an information session which will take place on 28th August. Find detailed information and frequently asked questions for each call on the dedicated website.

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