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Santander shifts into a higher gear of aid by providing free driving lessons

These will be available to people who have difficulties accessing the labour market

  • November 16, 2020 20:30
  • Author Tzvetozar Vincent Iolov
Medium driving lesson

Santander authorities announced earlier today the return of a municipal initiative called “Drive your future”, which is targeted at people of working age who lack a driver’s license and have difficulties finding a job. To that end, the City Hall will provide 30 000 euros to finance a 5-month programme that will help 23 beneficiaries gain a valuable and practical skill, which is much needed in contemporary life.

Not having a driver’s license can be an obstacle to starting a successful career

The driving classes are offered as part of an emergency plan called Santander a Punto (‘Santander on time’) with the provision that it helps marginalized individuals who might be at risk of social exclusion and find it hard to secure steady employment.

As for the successful contracting company that would win the call, its management required to provide a list of available driving schools, from which the students can choose instructors. In addition, that company will have to be in charge of the registering the beneficiaries, providing them with class materials and the theoretical part of the courses, as well as the practical classes, exam organization and certificates.

Furthermore, the contractor will also have to bear the cost of providing the training vehicles. As for the type of license training that will be offered, the City Council has announced that this will include 12 residents who will try to get their B permit (car) and C permit (truck). The other 11 beneficiaries will undergo training for the Professional Aptitude Certificate (CAP) which gives its holder the qualification of a professional driver and is accepted everywhere in the European Union.

We want people who are finding it difficult to access the world of work to have tools, such as a driver's license that open more doors for them when it comes to getting a job," said Lorena Gutiérrez, Councilor for Cooperation.

She recalled the previous success of this initiative. It was reported that, since its start in 2009, it has helped around 400 Santander residents to receive their driver’s licenses.

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