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Scooter-sharing system to be launched in Vilnius

Striving to become the capital of scooters in Europe, Vilnius will not only reduce congestions but will also become a free area of scooters and other alternative means of urban transport

  • March 13, 2019 11:30
  • Author Olya Georgieva
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Scooter-sharing system will be launched in Vilnius as early as this spring. Citizens and guests of the Lithuanian capital will be offered to take advantage of electric scooter-sharing service and to travel in the city in an innovative and convenient manner. Vilnuis has already demonstrated clear its ambition to become the capital of scooters in Europe.

According to the mayor Mr Šimašius, electric scooters have become part of the sustainable mobility system in the city. For the past four years Vilnius has invested particularly much in the infrastructure of cyclers and pedestrians. Almost 40 km of cycling path connections and 67 km of pavements were installed and restored. This year, there will be connections with the length of 30 more kilometres and the municipality plan includes to restore at least 20-30 kilometers of pavements in the city annually.

A corresponding memorandum has already been signed by five companies which plan to provide electric scooter-sharing services as soon as this year. The sharing of scooters will be implemented based on the principle of free-float, which means that using an app you will be able to find the points on the map with available scooters – it will be possible to take a scooter in one point and leave it in another.

Source: en.delfi.lt

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