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See how Prague motivates children to plant trees

The initiative makes up part of the drive to reforest the capital with 1 million new trees

  • November 24, 2019 20:00
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: www.zastromujprahu.cz/

Remember the ambitious goal of the current local government of Prague to reforest the city? It previews the planting of one million trees in eight years. And a goal as high as this requires the massive involvement of citizens, from the little ones to the adults, but most of all – political leaders.

The local authorities of the Czech capital believe that children and families are particularly important actors who can play a key role in achieving this objective. This is why they have launched a series of public tree planting events, which everyone can join. They are ideal for the little ones, as there is not only a competitive element but participants can also win rewards in the end. 

Tree planting harnesses the love for nature

Participants in one of the many scheduled events will receive a tree planting diary in which they can record what, when, where and how many trees they planted, as well as what mood they were in. The coordinators will then put a stamp on the page to confirm the entry and give a tree patch with two stamps. This looks like a perfect afternoon to spend with the family and a wonderful educational opportunity for school groups.

“Sometimes I get questions about how many trees I have planted in Prague and whether I have only others to plant for me”, posted Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib on his Facebook account. Showing his personal planting diary, he summed up his result: three lindens, three cherries, three apple trees, one sakura, one plane tree, one sophora, one kalopanax. “Public planting events are not organized because Prague could not plant the promised million trees alone. We do this so that people can get involved, learn more about trees and contribute to the healthy development of our city” he explained.

If you are living in or visiting Prague, make sure to attend the closest public tree planting event next Wednesday 27th November. The Mayor himself will be there at 15.00, Sagittarius, in the middle of the orchard.

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