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Self-service repair stations for bikes funded by the civic budget in Gdansk

The Polish city has installed two more stations where citizens can repair bikes, wheelchairs or prams without going to a service centre

  • June 30, 2019 17:00
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: Dyrekcja Rozbudowy Miasta Gdańska

Wonderful examples of citizen involvement are set by Gdansk. Thanks to the Civic budget 2018, two more self-service repair stations for bikes and wheelchairs have been installed. Each of them costs 3.3 thousand zloty in accordance with a citizen’s project, funded under the local budget.

The first public self-service bicycle and car repair stations appeared in Gdańsk in mid-2016. They were also financed by the Citizens' Budget of the Polish city, and their installation was proposed by a resident of Przymorze Wielki. Eight such objects have been installed in various locations in the city so far.

So, as of last week, you can also use the self-service station in Dolny Wrzeszcz, at the junction of ul. Kościuszki and al. Hallera, located on a popular bicycle route leading to the beach in Brzeźno. Cyclists, or wheelchair users, will find here, among other things, screwdriver and various types of keys, which allow them to make minor repairs on site, including tightening a loosened part, adjusting the brakes or derailleurs. There is also a special holder on which you can hang the bike, and conveniently replace a punctured tire. At the station there is also a pump that allows inflating different types of wheels from bicycles and prams.

The second service station has recently appeared in the neighbourhood of Wzgórze Mickiewicza, at the junction of Wojskiego and Soplicy streets. A similar station can be found on Orunia, on a pedestrian-bicycle route built along the Radunia Canal. Unfortunately, the stations, which stood three years ago in the Przymorze, provoked the interest of not only cyclists, but vandals. That is why subsequent objects of this type have been equipped with more robust solutions that significantly hinder the theft of tools.

Source: City of Gdansk

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