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Serres and Petrich with common cultural dipole

A new project in the cross border area Bulgaria-Greece

  • October 23, 2018 21:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: Kmeta.bg

The municipalities of Serres and Petrich are partners in the project "Cultural Dipole - Cross-border area Bulgaria-Greece 2014-2020". Petrich will make a complete reconstruction of an old building and will turn it into a museum with enough space to expose the rich cultural and historical heritage. The total cost of the reconstruction is 650,000 euros. The project also includes the preparation of an exhibition plan and the relocation of the expositions that are located in the building, which is now the Museum of History in Petrich, as well as the elaboration of a marketing strategy for advertising the cultural and historical sites in Petrich and Serres.

The mayor of Petrich - Dimitar Bruchkov, underlined the significance of the project. "The construction of a new building of the Historical Museum in Petrich is strategic because it enables our cultural and historical heritage and the many artifacts to be displayed in the right way, better access for visitors and, of course, will help the educational process for the youngest inhabitants of the city "said Bruchkov.

The mayor of Serres - Petros Angelidis pointed out that the common dream for the creation of a cultural dipole between Petrih and Serres now is a reality. "The existence of a cultural dipole will show the special characteristics of our two regions," he said.

Source: Kmeta.bg

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