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Seville City Council Adopts Strategic Plan 2030

350 participants of all sectors contributed to the drafting of the document

  • April 14, 2019 20:00
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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The City Council of Seville has approved on Friday a strategic plan for the urban development until 2030. More than 350 representatives of the local government, employers, employees, citizens and academics have joined forces during ten thematic tables and discussions that took place over three years. The mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, praised the work of all social and economic agents for the realisation of the strategic document and underlined the importance of the City of Seville. The document defines the guiding principles for the projects to be executed in the next ten years in the city, in line with the Sustainable Urban Development Goals of the United Nations. It is also the first time that the City Council Plenary approves a strategic document in Seville. This Strategic Plan Sevilla 2030 has set the following six objectives:

  • Generate employment and economic development.
  • Fight against poverty and inequalities.
  • Create a sustainable city that mitigates and adapts to climate change.
  • Develop governance and citizen participation.
  • Promote the exercise of citizen rights, community life and civic values.
  • Promote culture, creativity and favour diversity in the city.

These objectives contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through the pursuit of local agenda. This half-dozen objectives are broken down into 36 strategies and from these will depart the concrete projects and sector plans to achieve them. Seville thus becomes one of the first Spanish cities to have drawn up a strategic plan focused on achieving the SDGs.

In turn, the document integrates and acts as an umbrella of the 44 strategies and sectoral municipal plans, plus all previous reports in the fields of population, social, labour, economic, business, comparison with other European cities. This plan, among others, is vital when it comes to defining projects that aspire to attract funds from the European Union. The Seville of 2030 as defined in the document is a space for economic dynamism, social innovation and urban sustainability, a city that governs and promotes rights and fights against economic inequalities.

Find complete document from the City Council of Seville.

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