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Sirvintos, Lithuania, seizes solar opportunity

The Lithuanian city aims to have all municipally owned buildings powered by solar energy

  • August 08, 2019 14:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The mayor of the Lithuanian city of Sirvintos, Živilė Pinskuvienė, the time is right for the local government to expand its use of solar power. This opportunity to move towards a more sustainable city administration is granted by the adoption of the Climate Change Programme, which according to the mayor will allow Sirvintos to save energy and thus save the environment.

Mayor Živilė Pinskuvienė has submitted a number of projects for review by the city council. The ultimate goal is for the municipally owned buildings of the city to be modernized and brought into the 21st century and made more environmentally friendly. The projects include the installation of solar photovoltaic power plants at the Sirvintos nursery, at the Sirvintos Elementary School, at the Sirvintos high school and the Sirvintos district municipal administration’s buildings.

According to the mayor “The municipality's contribution to these projects is 20 percent, but the investment is expected to pay off within 2.4 years” She believes that following the installation of these solar power plants, the municipality will be saving a lot of money in the long term. These newly-found funds could be allocated to other places – including the improvement of the municipality’s administrative services, new equipment and different activities.

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