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Skalka with longest cable bridge in Slovakia

Are you ready for an extreme, adrenaline-fueled adventure?

  • July 23, 2019 19:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The resort of Skalka, near the town of Kremnica in Slovakia has a brand new attraction to offer its visitors – the longest cable bridge and cable climbing net in the whole country. The mayor of Kremnica, Alexander Ferenčík, recently boasted of the local administration’s accomplishment of finishing the part of the protected mountain path – called Komin.

The cable bridge is at a 30 meter height and is 79 meters long, situated in the Kremnické Mountains. Nearby, eager adventurers will also find a 37.5 meter-high climbing net. They are both part of the protected mountain path (or via ferrata) Komin. It became a popular tourist destination after the completion of the tunnel starting in Pekná Vyhliadka, which marks the beginning of the trail.

Visitors have the opportunity to choose from three distinct difficulties of pathways. The Komin via ferrata is labelled as a C, Trubačova Veža with a B and there’s a unique for Slovakia Challenge difficulty, labelled as an E. In total there are 420 meters of rope made available on these tracks. There is also a B-difficulty children’s pathway, which is shorter than the others at the Jánošíkova Diera Rock.

If you lack the proper equipment for these challenges, no need to fret, the Relaxation Centre at Skalka has everything you might need on your adventures.

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