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Slovakia’s 4-phase approach to lifting lockdown restrictions

Last week the government presented its plan on how it wants to begin lifting lockdown measures

  • April 27, 2020 17:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Source: Government of Slovakia

More and more governments across Europe have now begun presenting their plans on how they aim to ease lockdown restrictions and begin their countries’ journeys back towards normalcy. Last week, central authorities of Slovakia also presented their own 4-step plan outlining how they will be approaching the conundrum.

Staggered approach in order to save lives

The sudden lifting of all lockdown and social distancing measures would be disastrous according to Slovak government officials, which is why they will be implementing a staggered approach in 4 steps. Before each subsequent step is taken, experts and authorities would deliberate and decide whether enough progress has been made and whether the conditions are safe enough to allow for the lifting of additional restrictions.

The first step was already taken last week. The measures adopted during the first phase include the reopening of shops and services that cover more than 300 square metres as well as open marketplaces as long as they operate under stricter conditions, the allowing of contactless public catering, of outside sports activities and the selling of vehicles.

Should the effects of allowing these activities to take place not prove catastrophic, the government will proceed to phase 2 – namely the opening of hair salons, taxi services, clubs for children, wedding venues and outdoor tourist attractions.

Phase 3 of the government’s plan would allow for shops and services of up to 1000 square metres to also reopen, as well as massage parlours and other similar venues, museums, art galleries and libraries.

The final and of course the most ambitious and perhaps dangerous step will feature the reopening of larger venues that host large numbers of people in confined spaces – including cinemas, swimming pools, shopping centres, educational facilities like schools and kindergartens, hotels, restaurants and inside sports events and facilities.

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