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Slovenia enters final stretches in lifting lockdown restrictions

Hotels are reopening and events of up to 200 guests are allowed, while wearing a mask is no longer mandatory

  • June 01, 2020 17:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Earlier last week Slovenia began entering the final stages of exiting its coronavirus-related lockdown that was imposed earlier in the year. The Slovene government’s handling of the pandemic has allowed it to quickly manoeuvre and be able to lift restrictions thanks to the apparent well-progressing epidemiological situation. 

Latest removals of restrictions

Perhaps the most important change to life in Slovenia is the fact that authorities no longer mandate for everyone to wear Personal Protective Equipment at all times. The use of masks is no longer considered to be mandatory, but merely recommended in specific cases – like for example during bus trips or for children when they end up at the same place with kids from other classes.

The requirements, however, will remain in place only for those who are sick or for those who care for them – like doctors and social workers who are consistently exposed to the virus. Meanwhile, regular citizens should merely stick to their better judgements as to whether to take the country’s health agency’s recommendations to heart.

Restrictions on public life are also being dropped starting today. The biggest change, perhaps, is the lifting of the ban on mass gatherings – ones hosting up to 200 people will now be allowed, so long as the organisers and participants do their best in adhering to social distancing and hygienic standards.

Furthermore, in an effort to reboot the country’s tourism, the government has also allowed hotels and restaurants to resume operations unimpeded. Spas, gyms and wellness centres are also included in the list of facilities that are allowed to reopen.

The final venues that remain to be opened are discos and nightclubs, who will still be barred from operating for the time being, as they pose a more significant risk due to their very nature of going against social distancing recommendations.

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