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Smart bins reduce waste collection by up to 85%

Smart Waste Management Solutions in Smart Cities

  • December 17, 2018 21:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: solarbins.com

A growing number of cities across Europe are testing smart waste management solutions to create higher efficiency in terms of resources and costs associated with keeping their cities clean. While equipping the bins of private households with latest sensor technology is tested only by a few cities, several cities start in public spaces with implementing smart waste management solutions. The installation of smart solar-powered compacting bins can be observed in a growing number of cities like Amsterdam and London.

Smart bins reduce waste collection by up to 85%Advantages of the “smart bins”:

The solar panels harness solar energy and use sensors to continually compact the waste that is deposited, increasing the capacity by up to 700%, reducing waste collection by up to 85%.

  • The “smart bin” communicates information on fill levels and ensures collection only when the bin is full.
  • Fewer collection visits reduce congestion and traffic interruption, resulting also in cleaner and safer streets.
  • Traffic reduction due to fewer collection visits helps reduce carbon dioxide and other emissions.
  • The “smart bins” are standardized so that they can be emptied with existing equipment.

Source: Bee smart city

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