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Smart Villages in Scotland

Rural businesses get digital cash boost

  • February 04, 2020 17:30
  • Author TheMayor.EU
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Source: Smart Village Scotland

Smart Villages is part of the European Network for Rural Development and serves as a hub where people can exchange information on projects and programs. It supports different activities for knowledge sharing, networking, support and coordination, communication and evaluation as well as organizing workshops for presentation of certain good practices.

SMART Villages Scotland

SMART Village Scotland is a program that connects people from rural areas in order to create a “vibrant, creative and sustainable rural economy in Scotland.”

Some of the overarching objectives of this programme include social innovation and inclusion through creating better conditions for living, more activities for engagement in local social life through clubs and associations, digitalization for innovation and connectedness, etc.

The project also creates a sense of community and offers its members support, best practices examples, and, most of all, gives a platform for the remote areas to be heard, to share their problems and to find solutions.

Digital Cash Boost

One of the best examples is “Digital cash boost for rural businesses” with £100,000 of funding for companies in rural areas. The funding will be used for expansion, connectedness and digitalization. The aim is not only to give people more opportunities to connect and develop in order to stay in their communities. It also creates more jobs and is more economically viable for these particular areas.

A main problem for many of these areas is the poor digital infrastructure and technological development. In an age when these two bring information, services, support and solutions to many problems, the Scottish government is working towards digital empowerment of its villages.

This project is also in line with the overall policy of the government towards creation of a more successful country with more opportunities, well-being and sustainable economic growth.

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