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Social housing projects in Lower Austria restarted after pandemic halt

Some 346 construction sites have now resumed operations

  • May 09, 2020 13:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The coronavirus pandemic put a halt on many projects that had been sorely needed by many Austrian citizens. The lockdown measures adopted by the government prevented work on construction and project sites, thus delaying the finalization and completion of many much-needed goals and objectives.

Yet with the loosening of lockdown restrictions, regional and local authorities across the country have finally found an opening to resume normal operations, under increased and substantially bolstered safety measures.

Back to basics

In Lower Austria, the regional government had begun work on a total of 346 construction sites meant for the region’s non-profit housing associations. That work had to stop at the onset of the pandemic but has now resumed in full force with the rapid release of over 1.8 billion euros by the respective authorities.

Work on these projects is vital not only because they will deliver much-needed housing to struggling citizens but also because it will stimulate the region’s economy. The 346 construction sites will create jobs for some 5000 workers, 1000 architects, planners and office employees, as well as for thousands of local suppliers who will be approached for the following weeks and months for their services.

Such large projects are key for getting the economy back on track according to representatives of the regional council of Lower Austria, as quoted by heute.at. At the reopening ceremony held at the construction sites they further emphasized the importance of these workers who have finally been able to return to work after months of inactivity – only through their combined efforts could the region’s economy be salvaged in a post-lockdown world.

Work on the constructions sites is set to follow all the necessary precautions as mandated by the Austrian Federal Government’s recommendations. By adhering to these standards, regional authorities aim to protect the lives of the workers as they aim to not trigger a return to harsher quarantine measures.

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