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Sort your waste and win prizes starting 20 May in Lithuania

The initiative is organised by the counties of Klaipėda, Telšiai, Šiauliai and Tauragė

  • May 18, 2019 15:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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The initiative “We sort. Summer” is exploding onto the stage in the warm seasons. The objective is simple – sort your waste together with your communities and hand over any dead batteries, accumulators and dead electronics. The more e waste you manage to hand in, the more points you’ll be winning. Said points can then be exchanged for prizes, provided by the sponsors of the project. The organisers also hope that by doing things for the good of the environment alongside members of your community, you’ll grow closer to each other and keep up the good work.

The project has so far been a resounding success – over 290 tonnes of electric and electronic waste have been collected by more than 800 participants. By the end of the first stage – 20 June, the organizers of the event hope that people would have become more conscious when it comes to the environment. They want people to learn of all the major risks associated with improper disposal of electronic devices and batteries and to understand all the benefits of their recycling.

Disposal of waste can be done after arranging a pick-up by the organisers, who will travel to an agreed location and take any of the local community’s dead electronics. At the end of the event, results will be tallied and communities will receive an appropriate amount of points which will then be redeemable at certain stores and locations. There are no losers in this competition – but the biggest winner will our environment.

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