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S:t Erik's indoor park - a public space for play, socialising, contemplation and cultural experiences

Utopia Arkitekter AB, the Stockholm-based architectural office, in partnership with The Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors and the Swedish Wood Building Council, are managing the project

  • April 04, 2018 16:00
  • Author Olya Georgieva
Medium steriksinne
Source: Utopia.se

Stockholm, and many other cities, has a major need for more non-commercial public indoor environments. The increasingly commercialised inner city means that, for purely economic reasons, large groups of people are circumscribed in their options for socialising outside the home. S:t Erik's indoor park is a public space for play, socialising, contemplation and cultural experiences. A completely ordinary park, though under a roof, where we all have access on equal terms. The point of departure for the project has been to create a fundamentally sustainable building.

The park building consists of a total of six linked ellipsoid-like volumes of varying size and shape and an additional volume covering the nearby underground entrance. The material is climate smart, resistant and recyclable. Solutions for heating, cooling and lighting are selected for the highest available standard when it comes to energy efficiency. The building can produce its own heating for a large proportion of the year.

Source: Utopia.se

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