Stara Zagora - the first municipality in Bulgaria with a project for citizens to show environmentally responsible

Through a system for utilizing unnecessary clothes, shoes and home textiles

  • August 13, 2018 09:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: Stara Zagora Municipality

Stara Zagora Municipality is the first municipality in Bulgaria with own system that gives citizens the opportunity to show that they are ecologically responsible by getting rid of their unnecessary clothes in line with good European practices. The municipality jointly with "Eurotex" Ltd. launched a project TexCycle for collection and utilization of unnecessary clothes and other textile materials. Collection, transportation and subsequent recovery are carried out on behalf of the company. In line with EU waste management strategies and the circular economy, the aim is to use them according to the waste management hierarchy, which puts the reuse of waste as the best alternative.

In the first stage of implementation of the project in Stara Zagora are placed 5 specialized containers of convenient and easily accessible places. Containers are clearly labeled "CLOTHING AND SHOES". They can include clothing, shoes, bags, belts and home textiles. Instructions for use are displayed on the containers. The TexCycle project is ready to provide clothes free of charge to people who need it when submitting information from social assistance institutions in Stara Zagora Municipality. Non-reusable waste is handed over for recycling or other recovery in specialized installations.

Source: Stara Zagora Municipality

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