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Starting today Gdansk is testing an autonomous electric bus

The e-vehicle needs no human driver or fuel

  • September 06, 2019 14:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium gdansk autonomous bus by jerzy pinkas
Source: Jerzy Pinkas / gdansk.pl

Gdansk is another European city to test autonomous public transport vehicles. As of today, 6th September, test trials with electric buses using no fuel and without human drivers behind the wheel will be running around the streets of the Polish city.

Residents of Gdansk, tourists and all interested parties are now able to test one of the vehicles with regular pre-programmed route service. At the beginning, the autonomous bus will run at least twice an hour from the bus stop at Spacerowa street to the Gdańsk Zoological Garden and back. The test trial will accept passengers free of charge.

Although the vehicle will be controlled by a computer and follow a pre-determined path, a human operator will be present on board of the bus. His role will be to react in potential critical situation, such as for bypassing a car parked on the route. But apart from the safety reasons of course, he will be able to answer the questions of passengers arising during the experience. The presence of the operator in the vehicle is primarily to provide them with a sense of security.  The bus will accommodate 12 people (including the vehicle operator).

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