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Szolnok expands electric charger facilities

The Hungarian city now has five places to charge electric cars

  • June 24, 2019 14:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: © e-Mobi Elektromobilitás Nonprofit Kft.

Szolnok has increased the number of electric charging points, so that drivers can now charge their electric cars in five places, report the city authorities. Newly installed charging points were presented last Thursday by dr. Ugron Gáspár Gábor, Director of e-Mobi and Mayor Ferenc Szalay. In total, four e-car chargers have been set up in the Hungarian city by e-Mobi.

By June 2019, the e-Mobi Elektromobilitás Nonprofit Kft. has completed the construction of an electric charging infrastructure that ensures national interoperability, and as a result, electric cars can be charged at about 331 e-charging stations. In accordance with the European Union Directive on International Trends and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure, the central-European country is focusing on the targeted development of electromobility. Full list and map is available on the website of e-Mobi.

One of the main tasks of e-Mobi is thus the development of a filling network that ensures national interoperability. Therefore, the installation of charging stations will be implemented primarily in rural cities, along high-traffic roads, high-visibility public institutions and popular leisure destinations. The e-Mobi electric charger locations are determined using the charging infrastructure deployment concept developed by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the related GIS software.

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