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Take a virtual walk through the Old Town Hall of Bratislava

Bratislava City Museum has made its new exhibit, the Story of the Old Town Hall, accessible for foreigners

  • February 02, 2019 10:00
  • Author Olya Georgieva
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Source: Wikipedia

The history of Bratislava’s Old Town Hall dates back to the beginnings of the mediaeval town in the 13th century. The building houses nowadays the Bratislava City Museum (MMB), the oldest in the city (1868). The museum has prepared a new exhibition about the Story of the Old Town Hall, accessible in English for foreign visitors, that will be a permanent part of the exhibitions of the MMB. The project is financed mainly by the Fund for Slovak Art Support.

The exhibition let visitors form a clear picture of the Old Town Hall in a very untraditional way. It is based on artifacts from the museum’s collections, but at the same time it is very interactive, innovative and educative. Visitors to the Museum can view the significant events in the life of the city on touch screens. An overview of the most important milestones in the modern history of Bratislava is provided in the documentary “People and the City” at the end of the exhibition.

Source: spectator.sme.sk

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