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Taking a look at Liepaja’s plans for 2020

Among other priorities, the local government of the Latvian city will be focusing on education and support for families in the new year

  • January 08, 2020 09:30
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Source: Liepaja Municipality

Over the course of the last working days of 2019, the Liepaja City Council approved its budget for 2020. The local government of the Latvian city has decided on focusing on ensuring economic growth, improving education and education opportunities, supporting young families with children and much more.

Liepaja 2020 by the numbers

With an optimistic outlook towards the future and in an attempt to secure a better life for future and growing generations, the city administration will be spending a total 109 million euros over the course of the new year.

The main priority for the Liepaja City Council is education. A whopping 27% of the budget or some 30 million euros will be used to improve opportunities and conditions in the sectors. Local authorities envision raising the salaries of preschool teachers, free meals for special needs children and catering for 50% of kids in their first few years in school – between 1st and 4th grade. Furthermore, the municipality will be improving its educational administrative capabilities and will be purchasing new hardware for local schools.

Another 26% of the budget will go towards boosting economic activity in Liepaja – by improving its neighbourhoods and cultural monuments and in general by improving living conditions in the city and making it more environmentally friendly.

The city is also planning a steep increase in childbirth allowance – from 200 euros to 250 euros for a single child, in an effort to help young couples in their journeys to becoming larger families.

The rest of the budget is split somewhat evenly for different sectors. 10% of the funding will go towards salary increases of municipal employees like police officers and kindergarten teachers, another 10% will be used to support cultural events across the city, thus ensuring that minorities in Liepaja enjoy the same privileges as Latvians and the rest is set to be used for a wide range of social measures and promotion of sports activities in the city.

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