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Tallinn - Europe's most romantic hidden gem

The London Evening Standard picks Tallinn as the best Valentine’s Day destination

  • February 14, 2019 14:30
  • Author Olya Georgieva
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Source: Facebook / Tallin

Tallinn's winding narrow streets and Medieval charm fascinate even the most non-romantic traveller. The Estonian capital is known for its preserved Old Town and museums – and has a distinctly romantic vibe. So there is no doubt why The Evening Standard, the dominant local evening paper in London, picked 14 non-cliché travel destinations for Valentine’s Day, giving Tallinn the top spot.

Valentine’s Day celebrations in Estonia have their own twist: February 14 is called “Friend’s Day”, so nobody feels left out. That doesn’t mean there’s no romance; shops, restaurants and even streets are decorated with hearts and other symbols of love. On this day single people also get the chance to take a ride on a special “love bus” where they can meet others looking for love.

So no matter if you want to celebrate Valetine’s Day with you loved one or with friends, Tallinn makes it big with different events organized around the city – extravagant live music concerts, folk dances, romantic dinners, food festivals and big celebrations in old town in Tallinn such as Rataskaevy Street and pikk streets. An essential and interesting part of the Estonian celebrations is the Valentine crafts. Estonian kids make those crafts and schools conduct fun competitions.

Source: everythingvalentinesday.com

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