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Tampere to open first skateboarding high school in Finland

It will offer programmes in sports and communications

  • September 27, 2019 11:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium skater

The city of Tampere is getting closer and closer to opening the first skateboarding high school in Finland. Starting autumn 2021, Tampere’s Sampo central upper secondary school will offer 20 students spots in its skateboarding programme with an emphasis on communications. The educational institution will offer programmes in sports and communications which will be focused on event production and marketing, networking, filming and managing social media.

Students will have the unique opportunity to gain intricate knowledge of a viable career pass as well as a high school diploma if they learn content and event production while building a network in Finland and abroad. The skateboarding programme is a way for Tampere to offer students an education that’s not only modern but one that also offers teenagers a space to make use of their skills and interests. According to the creators of the programme the skateboarding curriculum will give students many real-life skills.       

Tampere's skateboarding school will be the first of its kind in Finland, but not in the world. The city's educators have made several trips to exchange experience and be inspired by Bryggeriet, a skateboarding high school in Malmö, Sweden.

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