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Taste and select the best baguette in Paris

You have a mission: spend an entire afternoon savouring the most delicious baguettes in the city

  • February 20, 2020 09:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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The Grand Prix de la baguette in Paris returns for another edition. The traditional competition selecting the most delicious baguette of the French capital is currently searching for members of a jury to do the fine job. If you are a citizen of Paris, you can become one of them.

Honouring local producers

Each year Paris organises a competition among the local bakers challenging them to show their best products. The winning one receives the title “best baguette of Paris”. In this way, the local authorities honour the good work of Parisian artisans and promote local trade.

For this purpose, the city calls a jury composed of six persons, chosen at random. They will gather on 5th March and will dedicate an entire afternoon to tasting loaves of one of the most prominent symbols of French cuisine.

At the event the jury will be joined by city representatives - Olivia Polski, Deputy-Mayor in charge of trade, crafts, liberal and independent professions as well as professional federations, Franck Thomasse, president of bakers of Grand Paris, Pascal Barillon, president of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts, Fabrice Prochasson, president of the Culinary Academy of France, specialized journalists as well as Fabrice Leroy – the winner of the 2019 Grand Prix de la baguette.

Choosing the best baguette

The baguettes baked the very same morning will be judged based on five criteria:

  • cooking,
  • taste,
  • crumb,
  • smell,
  • appearance.

Each loaf participating in the contest must weight between 250 and 300 grams, be between 55 and 70 centimetres long and have salt content not exceeding 18 grams per kilogram.

If an afternoon of tasting mouth-watering bread appeals to you, make sure to sign up before Friday, 21st February and win the chance to become one of the members of the jury. You can do this by filling in the form available through this link.

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