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The European Entrepreneurial Region Award 2021-2022 is accepting applications

European regions with innovative entrepreneurial policy strategy are invited to apply

  • May 20, 2020 19:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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European regions with innovative entrepreneurial policy strategies can now apply and win the European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) Award 2021-2022. Last week, the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) launched its special bi-annual edition for 2021-2022. This time, in light of the economic impact of the Covid-19 crisis, the theme of the call for applications is “Entrepreneurship for a sustainable recovery”.

Rewarding the entrepreneurship-friendly territories of the EU

Just like any year since 2011, the EER project will again be looking for the EU regions with the most credible, forward-thinking, and promising visions and plans, regardless of their size, wealth or competences. Those who meet the criteria will receive the label “European Entrepreneurial Region”.

Details on the call for applications can be found on the webpage of the EER awards. The applicants will be evaluated according to four criteria – their Political vision and commitment, Multilevel governance, partnership and cooperation, Delivery and Communication.

The jury will also take into account each applicant's budget, specific structural or territorial challenges and economic starting point. The call is open to EU territories below the member states, which includes regions, communities, autonomous communities, departments, Länder, provinces, counties, metropolitan areas, cities, as well as cross-border territories with legal personality such as EGTCs and Euroregions.

The applicants must prove that they have the political competence and future-oriented vision to implement the EU SME Strategy. The applications are due online before 28 October 2020.

The EER label has been set up in partnership with the European Commission and is supported by EU level stakeholders like SME United, Eurochambres, Social Economy Europe and EURADA. It remains open to any organisation willing to contribute to its objectives.

The jury selected the city of Gdańsk (Poland) in cooperation with the Pomorskie Region (Poland), the Business Region of Gothenburg (Sweden) and the region of Navarra (Spain) to hold the title in 2020. Now, other territories that do their best to promote entrepreneurship have the chance to join them.

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