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The expats from Mayo have their own social network

The diaspora project of the Irish county addresses millions living far from home

  • July 11, 2019 09:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: Pixabay

With growing numbers of people leaving their home countries to look for happiness abroad, the need to trace their roots and keep ties with one’s identity has never been stronger. This is particularly valid for the Irish county of Mayo, the diaspora of which counts millions of people. Thus, the local authorities have come up with an innovative and convenient solution to many of the issues expats experience nowadays. Mayo.IE is a portal that brings all the news from the hometown or village within Mayo County to one easily accessible place.

First, visitors can create a profile and share information about themselves. Then, the portal includes several sections to trace one’s roots, including the opportunity to know the clans originating from Mayo, to track relatives based on surname to discover the history of the county or simply redirect visitor to a real genealogical centre where professionals advise on the research. Furthermore, the site has space dedicated to those who want to get to know the county for investment purposes or even to settle down there.

In addition, the network organises the annual Mayo Day or “a day dedicated to the celebration of the culture, vibrant communities, and unquenchable spirit of County Mayo” which on 4th May returned for the fifth year. Missed it? Learn about upcoming editions from this link.

The portal was created thanks to the initiative of the Mayo Enterprise and Investment Unit (EIU), established by Mayo County Council. Visit it here.

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