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The Festival of Sacred music starts next week in Perpignan

On the occasion of Easter, this spiritual event for people of all ages brings joy for more than three decades

  • April 07, 2019 20:00
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Source: Mairie de Perpignan

The Sacred music festival of Perpignan is a traditional event that brings together cultures from the French city of Perpignan and Catalunya in Spain. For more than 30 years, during the Easter period, the Sacred Music Festival in France has been presenting visitors with the most beautiful pages of sacred music filled with spirituality. This 33rd edition will occur between April 10 and 20, 2019 and will take us into the depths of ten inspiring, captivating and magical nights. Thanks to the boundless creativity of the visiting artists and musicians, tourists of all ages will be able to attend spectacular free and paid concerts, workshops, conferences and finally – meet the performers themselves. Owing to the commitment of musicians alongside the festival, open rehearsals and concerts will be offered to high school students, seniors and people in situation handicap.

The highlights? A baroque night, for a vertiginous trip into the heart of the Holy week in France on 12 April. Music, cinema, dance throughout the night will link together France and Catalunya on the 13th during this exceptional event organized and backed by the Municipality of Perpignan. See more from the video below:

For full programme, visit the Municipality of Perpignan

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