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The first 3D-printed steel bridge is in Amsterdam

3D-printing construction has the potential to help solve a looming global housing crisis

  • July 12, 2018 16:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium 3d print steel bridge in amsterdam 1500x630
Source: MX3D

Engineers from Netherlands have used robots to “print” a 12-metre steel bridge which will span one of Amsterdam's famous canals. Robots were used to draw the 4-metre-wide structure using layers of molten steel. Dutch designer Joris Laarman is working with Amsterdam-based robotic manufacturing technology start-up MX3D to build the bridge inside a former shipbuilding hangar.

Engineering firm Arup and researchers from Imperial College London are due to perform several full load tests to prove the structural integrity of the bridge but informal tests have already been carried out and the team say the structure has performed well. MX3D aims to have finished the printing, placing the deck and coating the bridge by October 2018 in time for Dutch Design Week. 3D-printing construction also has the potential to help solve a looming global housing crisis.

Source: World Economic Forum

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