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The innovative and sustainable project Valley will be ready in 2021

The city’s ambition is to transform the Netherlands main international business centre into a more livable and complete urban quarter

  • April 04, 2018 09:45
  • Author Olya Georgieva
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Source: mvrdv.nl

In twenty years, the Zuidas area of Amsterdam has developed into the Netherlands main international business centre, which resulted in a reduced focus on residential interests. The development of the project Valley by the MVRDV architecture studio is part of the city’s ambition to correct this by transforming the area into a more livable and complete urban quarter, welcoming large amounts of residents and additional public facilities to the area over the next decade. Natural stone facades, roof gardens, and water reservoirs are designed to make Valley dwellers feel far-removed from everyday life – towering high above the rest of the city.

The project derives its name from the publicly accessible terraced valley that is spread out in-between its three mixed-use, towers. MVRDV architecture studio’s design for Valley emphasizes the contrast between the corporate history and the more residential future of the Zuidas.The sizeable project, comprising three towers, 200 apartments, 7 stories of offices, several public institutions, shops, restaurants and a three-story underground parking with 375 parking spots, is set to revive Amsterdam’s Zuidas office district sometime after 2021.

Source: mvrdv.nl

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