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The Irish County of Clare joins the 'Ask for Angela' initiative

A code-word campaign aims to make Clare County a safer destination for everybody with the help of hospitality service providers

  • November 08, 2018 09:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium waterford council
Source: Waterford City and County Council

A campaign which is about to start in Clare County aims to encourage people who find themselves in an uncomfortable situation while socialising to Ask for Angela at the bar or service counter. The campaign is of great help in several situations that women are especially likely to find themselves in, which can now be handled discretely with diminished risk. For instance, if when out on a date a woman begins to feel unsafe or doubtful whether her Tinder dates profile was real, she can simply reach the bar and ask for Angela. The phrase alerts staff that something is not alright and they can proceed to safely resolving the situation. They can offer to call a taxi for the person in need, provide a safe to call a friend, or just help her to leave the venue discretely if feeling unsafe, due to words or behaviour of the other side.

According to Councillor Mary Howard, Chair of Clare JPC First piloted by Lincolnshire County Council in 2016 and in Waterford earlier this year, this campaign has proven to be an effective method of encouraging people who feel unsafe or vulnerable in hotels, pubs, clubs or restaurants, but feel they arent able to openly seek support, to ask a staff member for assistance. The members of Clare JPC are committed to supporting the rollout of this innovative initiative across the county.

Two upcoming information events for Clare hospitality providers interested in taking part or finding out more are organized on 13 November and on 27 November.

Source: Clare County Council

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