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The Ljubljana Slovene National Theatre Drama to be renovated

The project is expected to be complete in three years with construction starting in 2022

  • July 13, 2019 15:00
  • Author Anton Stoyanov
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Source: Mathias Klang from Göteborg, Sweden [CC BY 2.0]

The local government in Ljubljana recently decided that the time has come for massive renovation and construction efforts at the Ljubljana Slovene National Theatre Drama. Due to the massive scope of the expected work and the complexity that it entails, the project will be completed in two separate stages.

The first stage consists entirely of preparing the necessary documents for the restoration and renovation of the building – structural analyses, measurements, project implementation plans etc. The second stage is when the real work will be carried out – archeological restoration efforts, furniture and equipment procurement and repairing of the actual infrastructure of the building. The first stage is expected to be completed by 2021 and the Drama will host its final performance in 2022, after which it will close down for the next few years.

The vision of the architects leading the construction efforts entails the building of a newly enlarged wing for theater, which will serve as a sort of staging area and will simultaneously bring more people to the open spaces around the Drama. A new and larger entrance will be provided at this new wing, while the old one will be preserved. One of the principle goals of the architects is for the historical integrity of the Theatre to be preserved and remain alive in the future. Thus, their renovation and construction project will not only not interfere with that, but will instead enhance the historical feel of the building. 

The total cost of the project is estimated at 43 million euros. Construction is expected to take around three years.

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