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The mandatory stop for all interested in robotics

Explore the Robot Museum in Madrid with one of the largest collection of robots in the world

  • April 23, 2019 14:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
Medium the robot museum
Source: The Robot Museum, therobotmuseum.eu

The Robot Museum: a mandatory stop for all interested in robotics, regardless of their level of competence. Founded in 2013, this remarkable place is attracting more visitors each year thanks to its expanding range of types, sizes and classes of robots. Among its recognizable treasures is the big collection of dog robots Sony Aibo, a selection of retro robots and the spectacular NAO and PEPPER Androids, which can interact with the public, as well as the reproductions of famous robots from the history of cinema.

The Robot Museum is more than just a museum - it is concerned both with the history and the future development of robotics. This unique space is home to one of the largest collections of robots in the world and is promising an unforgettable educational and leisure experience. The entrance in the museum includes a guided tour of approximately 45 minutes, during which theoretical information is alternated with live demonstrations, such as the one performed by the robot Pepper.

Apart from the general visits, the museum offers educational, group visits and gives the opportunity to celebrate a birthday or other private occasions. Special events and robotics classes are also held at the museum. All of these can be conducted in Spanish or in English.

Find it at:

Alberto Aguilera, 1

28015 Madrid

Open in the afternoons from Monday to Saturday.

Still unsure about your visit? Watch the video below for a quick hint.

Video and info from The Robot Museum

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