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The municipality of Lund embarks on a business tour

The aim is to create a better dialogue with companies in different industries

  • March 03, 2020 16:00
  • Author Plamen Petrov
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Source: Lund municipality's business unit / Photo by Lund Municipality

100 company visits in 100 days is a goal that desperate job seekers or entrepreneurs in search of partners can set for themselves. But a municipal team doing the rounds is not a common sight. Except in the southern Swedish city of Lund.

Yesterday the municipality of Lund embarked on a business tour with the aim to create a better dialogue with companies in different industries and all parts of the municipality. During the visits, members of the municipality's business unit and elected representatives will capture development opportunities and gain an in-depth knowledge of the business conditions in the municipality.  

Through 100 company visits in 100 days, we want to improve our service to existing business further and we also hope to capture ideas and opportunities that can create both sustainable growth and new business opportunities, says Per Persson, business manager in Lund Municipality, quoted by the municipal website.

After completion of the project, the views and wishes that have emerged and are presented to the municipal management will be analyzed.

In Lund, it should be easy to be an entrepreneur. Now the work on creating a good business climate continues with company visits where I look forward to meeting and sharing how the companies look at the municipality and what we can do to develop good business relationships,” adds Philip Sandberg, the chairman of the municipal council.

Sustainable growth a priority for Lund

Good business climate is key to the success of Lund as a city that grows sustainably. The Swedish city is involved in several such initiatives including three sustainable mobility projects: a new pedestrian path between Hässleholm and Lund, Lund-Arlöv four tracks railway and a new Lund C and station area.

The 100-days 100-companies tour will run until early June 2020. You can follow the municipality's campaign under # 100lundabolag2020 on Facebook.

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