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The National Gastronomy Festival starts today in Santarem

Enjoy Portuguese gastronomy at the country's main fair

  • October 26, 2018 17:30
  • Author Olya Georgieva
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Source: Facebook / Festival Nacional de Gastronomia - Santarém

Aromatic herbs, spices, cheeses, fresh fish and convent sweets are some of the delicacies that you will find at the National Gastronomy Festival. Bringing to Santarém the best restaurants of each tourist region that presented in their menus the traditional regional specialties, this festival is playing a fundamental role in the preservation of the Portuguese gastronomic heritage.

The first National Gastronomy Festival took place in 1981. This annual event celebrates and promotes the Portuguese Gastronomic Heritage. Every part of Portugal has its day to provide a typical feast along with regional-style singing and dancing and other forms of local entertainment. The 38th edition of the festival will take place from the 26th of September to the 4th of November, 2018 in Casa do Campino, Santarém. On the day, the festival ticket will cost 2 Euros per person, but if you buy your ticket in advance – a booklet of 10 tickets will cost you 15 Euros.


Source: www.festivalnacionaldegastronomia.pt

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