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The Rotterdam Climate Alliance was launched

Learn more about the special collaboration between the municipality and businesses in the Netherlands

  • May 15, 2019 21:30
  • Author Aseniya Dimitrova
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Rotterdam has formed a special alliance with businesses and social institutions, report local authorities. Last Friday, 10 May, the city authorities together with more than a hundred companies and citizens' groups have launched the Rotterdam Climate Alliance, which aims to undertake concrete actions with regards to climate by the end of the year.

Reducing CO2 emissions by half, more clean energy and extra employment are among the primary objectives set out by the municipality with regards to the partnership. Thus, the Rotterdam climate agreement shall approve concrete plans to save carbon dioxide and seize economic opportunities before the end of 2019. Alderman Arno Bonte (in charge of Sustainability and Energy Transition) expressed high expectations about the collaboration and is optimistic that it will consist of much more than meetings and fruitless discussions and will result in actual results. What is more, the energy transition is regarded as an opportunity for new activities, jobs and for improving the city.

As first steps, several round tables will be organised on various aspects concerning climate, that will gather representatives of the companies and organizations with the goal of starting work on concrete projects in the coming months. They will take place under the leadership of independent presidents: from developing electrolysers in the port that produce green hydrogen on a large scale to stimulating the use of electric shared cars in the city.

In addition to the discussions at the tables, the municipality organizes climate debates in the city where residents can express their views and ideas. Separate meetings are also organized for, among others, SMEs, start-ups and students. Those who prefer to make a digital contribution or follow the progress of the Agreement online can do so via the www.energieswitch010.nl  platform.

Finally, it should be noted that the Alliance is all about making Rotterdam an energy-efficient and sustainable city with clean air, where future generations will love living - a city with a future-proof economy that is no longer dependent on coal, oil and gas, but runs entirely on clean and renewable energy sources such as sun and wind.

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