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The summer program of Pamporovo offers hikes and excursions in the Rhodope Mountains

"Move, breathe, share ..." is this year's motto of the Bulgarian resort's summer tourist program

  • July 19, 2020 15:00
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium pamporovo
Source: Туристически център Пампорово

Hiking, sports in nature, excursions to must-visit sights in the Rhodope Mountains are just a small part of the summer program in Pamporovo, informed the Tourist Center of the Bulgarian resort. The conditions for tourism in Pamporovo this summer are excellent, and the new adventure park "The dam" is the main focus of this year's activities at the resort under the motto "Move, breathe, share ..."

Get involved in the many outdoor sports activities

Adventure Park “The dam” is located in a picturesque forest area ripe with clean mountain air. The park offers many outdoor sports activities, games and entertainment.

Available to all visitors are a rope garden with nine elements, a children's trolley, a children's climbing wall, a hovercraft, a slackline, an outdoor fitness centre, a play area, a family bike route, a forest trail for running and walking and fishing and relaxation areas. Experienced instructors are also tasked with taking care of the safety of the visitors.

"Myths and legends" is the name of the route passing through "Studenets", Murgavets peak and "The dam" park. The hike includes a guide and starts at 9:30 from the Pamporovo Tourist Center. The route can be taken by a group of at least three people.

The "The Sound of the Orpheus Lyre" route includes a hike to Snezhanka Peak, Orpheus Rocks and “The dam” park. The tourist centre also organizes excursions and trecks to the Smolyan Lakes, the "Canyon of Waterfalls", the Rozhen Observatory, the caves "Uhlovitsa", Yagodinska and "Devil's Throat", Shiroka Laka, Gela, the eco-trail "Bride", a jeep safari and many more.

Visitors to the Pamporovo Tourist Center can take advantage of all other attractions - such as special areas for games and creativity, table tennis, table football, a cinema room, an outdoor playground, a trampoline and archery. Pamporovo awaits you with a wide range of entertainment opportunities for both young and old.

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