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The technologies that make our cities smarter

TThere are 2 key elements should be included in the concept – “technology” and “sustainability”

  • April 19, 2018 09:45
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Smart City solutions are currently based on multiple architectures, standards and platforms, which have led to a highly fragmented landscape.

The Smart City concept covers the following segments:

  • Parking – Improving the efficiency with which we park our cars, doing everything from booking, parking analytics, and smart metering.
  • Grid/Energy – Using analytics, algorithms, and connectivity to keep supply and demand for electricity in balance.
  • Data-Driven Urban Planning – Providing access to new, hyperlocal data about our cities and helping planners understand neighborhood needs better.
  • Smarter Transport – New smart vehicles, new public transit options powered by data, or smart bike-sharing programs.
  • Environmental Sensors – Developing hardware to better understand our urban environment, from weather data, to pollution, to ambient sound.
  • Connectivity – Using different means to provide internet, connections, and infrastructure for new networks.
  • Waste Management – Using data and connected devices to optimize waste collection.
  • Traffic/Transit Data – Using mobile and sensors to provide analytics around commutes and congestion.
  • Water Usage/Quality – Tools that help to analyze the traffic of water in our cities.

No matter which segments is or will be implement in your city, but there are two key elements should be included in the concept – “technology” and “sustainability”.

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