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The wedding of the year in Venice is coming

The Mayor, Luigi Brugnaro will take on the role of the Doge

  • May 28, 2019 11:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: © The Venice Insider

The Festa della Sensa is an annual event, which symbolizes the marriage between the Italian city of Venice and the sea. This year it will take place on 2 June, the Sunday after Ascension (Sensa in Italian). The festive boat parade is a unique experience with great historical background.

The contemporary celebration of the feast is a re-enactment of the historical procession, in which the Mayor takes the role of the Doge. The Serenissima boat, a replica of the Bucintoro, leads the procession. It is followed by hundreds of other maritime vessels. The number of rowers per boat varies from 1 to 18. They radiate a large feeling of solidarity, as well as pride in their city. During the entire procession, the trumpeters of the Serenissima play at regular time intervals. This part of the parade can only be seen from aboard the boats.

The wedding of the year in Venice is coming

The symbolic wedding ceremony is happening in front of the San Nicolò church in Lido, where the Mayor recites his official statement and the Patriarch gives his blessing. After launching a green wreath with tiny golden balls in the water, the Mayor then throws a metal ring which is meant to represent the golden wedding ring. Many people will watch the ceremony from the bridge and the Riviera S. Nicolò, but following the procession from the water is much more impressive. 

More information on this event can be found in the article published by The Venice Insider.  

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