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The world’s best bookshop is in Santorini

It is definitely worth the visit

  • December 02, 2017 18:15
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
Medium santorini
Source: Pixabay

In the small village of Oia in one of Santorini’s stunning white houses, you can find “Atlantis Books”. The book lovers’ paradise has been named the best bookstore in the world by National Geographic.

Visitors can find poetry written on the walls and the ceiling, novels in numerous languages, fiction, non-fiction, philosophy, history, culture, children’s books and author’s work covering every type of genre. The store also offers a romantic terrace that has hosted food and film festivals, as well as famous writers reading their books.

This dream began in 2002, when two American friends spent a week on Santorini and noticed there wasn’t  even one bookstore on the island, so they decided to open one. In 2003 they returned with a van full of books from Cambridge, England. The locals on the island encouraged them and they turned this little dream into world’s best bookshop today.

The bookstore like all other shops on the island relies heavily on tourism and most of it closes from November to April. During these months, it prints its own books, hosts bookbinding classes and film screenings and has even started the Caldera Festival.


Source: Greek city times


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