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The world's first non-plastic packaging store is in Amsterdam

It offers over 700 products including meat, rice, dairy products and chocolate

  • March 07, 2018 09:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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Source: Pixabay

Customers in the Netherlands can now shop fully ecologically after opening in Amsterdam the world's first shop that works entirely free of nylon and nylon packaging. The store offers over 700 environmentally friendly products. This action comes at a time of growing global concern about the damage that plastic waste has on nature. Scientists warn that plastic pollution is so significant that it can be irreversible.

Products will not be more expensive than those with plastic packaging and will be affordable. Alternative biodegradable packages have been used for them. The owner of the shop said that it is a test for innovative new compostable biomaterials, as well as traditional materials like glass, metal and cardboard.

Source: economic.bg

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