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Three interesting events in Slovakia in October

Take a loot at what you can enjoy in the country

  • October 13, 2018 08:40
  • Author S. Lukanova
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Source: Pixabay

The following events will take place in many regions of Slovakia. If you happent to be there for a weekend or even for a day, it is recommended that you visit some of these events. The include classical music concerts, gastronomical festivals, marathons, even historical festivals. 

The Voce Magna 2018 - classical music 

This choir festival will host a lot of concerts including a singing competition. It will take place between October 10th and 13th. The winner of the competition will perform with Czech troupe Motýli.

Hubertova Jazda - hunting 

This hunting feast will take place on October 13th. This is a mock hunting event where armed people will chase people with fox fur on their backs. The event will end with a socail event. Participants have to bear in mind that drinking is allowed but one should not fall of their horse or lose their caps - this is breaking the rules of the event. 

Longital Suita Tour - rock music 

This music festival will rock the streets of many Slovak cities. The rock band will tour the country from October 13th to 20th. 

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